Sergio & Sofia Garcia
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Customer satisfaction is the driving force behind everything we do! We go out of our way to see that each and every client we work with is satisfied with our service.

Here are a few examples of what real customers had to say about our real estate expertise and their experiences with Sergio & Sofia Garcia.

"...I already refer him my whole family..." 


 [How you met Sergio] …I know Sergio by my sister…he actually helped her sell her home…and she had a really good experience….so she referred me to him.

[how you liked working with me] …you were very patient, very informative…very responsive…he is always there… walked me through every step of the way…he made me feel a lot more comfortable

[would you recommend hiring Sergio] I will definitely tell them to go ahead and hire him…i already refer him my whole family…he is definitely someone to go to…he is very knowledgeable…he does his research if he doesn’t know and he is responsive…he doesn’t pressure you, he makes sure you make the right decision for you, so i definitely recommend him.

-- Janet Romero

  "...La confianza y el interes por ayudarnos..."

[What did you like best about working with us]  "Their trust, Their interest to help us with everything. We are really Happy to know Sergio & Sofia" 

-- Veronica Esquivel


   [What did you like best about working with us]  "ALL"

-- Sebastian Palacio