The Home Buying Process: Step # 3. Searching For Homes.

The Home Buying Process:
Step # 3. Searching For Homes.

For most people, this is one of the most exciting steps of the process and with good reason. You get to dream and imagine yourself living in the future. So, it is important to be expose to all the houses that match the criteria that you are looking for.

However, regardless of the type of market we are in, you need to be ready, financially speaking, when an opportunity arises, so that you don’t miss it, waiting to arrange financing when you find it. That’s the main reason to go over step two, before moving to step 3 of the process.

On our initial consultation, we’ll define an initial criteria based on your own situation. To help us with that, we’ll go over the types of properties and the type of transaction that match your criteria. We’ll clarify the difference between single family houses, townhouses and condos, as well as standard sale, short sale and bank owned properties / foreclosures. After step 2 is completed, we’ll adjust that criteria to ensure you don’t miss any potential ideal home for you.

Once we find potential houses to go see, we’ll arrange viewings that fit your schedule. We are full time agents, work by appointment, so, we can most definitely accommodate to your own schedule.

When we are seeing houses, we’ll provide you with an estimate sheet, so that you have a clear financial picture of what your monthly payment will be if you choose that house and how much money you will need. We are able to adjust it on-site if you need to.

At each house we see, we’ll provide you with in-depth details on the home. We also give you the scoop on the neighborhood, so you get a clear sense of what an area is like in terms of lifestyle, safety, schools, etc. But most importantly, at each house we’ll ask you if you like it. And if you do, we’ll ask you if you see yourself living at the house. to give you an example, that is if your current furniture fits, if you are ok with the commute to work or going to the grocery store on a Sunday morning. Only if you like the house and see yourself living there, we’ll ask you if you would like to buy it.   

So, whenever you are ready to get started with your journey, just give us a call or send us a quick message to schedule a Free buyers consultation meeting. We’d love to have an opportunity to be of service to you.