Prince George’s County

City Sites


Law Enforcement

  • Circuit Court for Prince George’s County
  • Office of Emergency Management The Office of Emergency Management is one of the agencies under the Office of Homeland Security and as such, it is responsible for the coordination of all County agencies, private organizations, businesses, persons, and other counties, cities and political subdivisions, to ensure the complete utilization of all available resources to effectively and efficiently mitigate, prepare for, respond to, and recover from any natural, technological or manmade emergency or disaster, regardless of size or complexity, including acts of terrorism.
  • Office of Law The mission of the Office of Law is to serve all County agencies and citizens who have matters requiring Office of Law review in an expeditious and professional manner, to effectively enforce the civil laws of the County, and to be creative and responsive in its service to County agencies in all matters
  • Office of The Sheriff Mission: To fulfill the duties of the Office of the Sheriff in a fair, professional and dignified manner so as to inspire and maintain the confidence and trust of the public.
  • Police Department The Prince George’s County Police Department is the primary law enforcement agency in the County. The goals of our Department are to contribute to a high quality of life by maintaining a peaceful and orderly community, by protecting the lives and property of our citizens, by reducing the opportunity for individuals to commit criminal acts, and by effectively investigating and apprehending persons suspected of committing criminal acts. The Department is committed to accomplishing these goals by working alongside you, the citizens of our community
  • Prince George’s County Fire/EMS Department The Fire/EMS Department strives to improve the quality of life in Prince George’s County by promoting safety, and providing the highest quality of fire prevention, fire protection, emergency medical services, and community outreach programs
  • State Attorney The State’s Attorney’s Office prosecutes anyone charged with committing a crime in Prince George’s County. This includes crimes of violence, like murder, rape, robbery and assault, as well as nonviolent crimes against citizens and their properties. The State’s Attorney’s Office also investigates charges of police and public official misconduct and misuse of funds, and works to educate the community about crime prevention and the criminal justice system


  • Bowie Health Campus is a unique 60-acre property providing for the health care needs of all ages, from newborns to the elderly.
  • Doctors Community Hospital
  • Laurel Regioanl Hospital The Mission of Laurel Regional Hospital is to provide comprehensive and valued healthcare services
  • Saint Luke Institut is a licensed, private residential facility and institute for research and education specializing in promoting the health and well-being of women and men religious, clergy and others involved in church ministry.
  • Southern Maryland Hospital is recognized for its centers of excellence in Maternal Child Health, Outpatient Services, and Mental Health Services. But the true distinction of Southern Maryland Hospital is comprehensiveness.



  • Cedarville State Forest Hiking, Biking and Equestrian Trails–There are 19.5 miles of marked trails. They wind past the loblolly pine plantations planted by the Civilian Conservation Corps in the 1930’s, by a charcoal kiln, and through farm areas where springs and streams were used to make “moonshine.”
  • Department of Parks & Recreation Our Department of Parks & Recreation in Prince George’s County offers terrific opportunities for residents and visitors. We have community centers and arts facilities, fitness trails and aquatics centers, peaceful open space and sports for all ages. There’s something for everyone!
  • Fort Washington Fort Washington has stood as silent sentry defending the Nation’s Capital, for over 180 years. As technologies advanced so did Fort Washington. Fort Washington is one of the few remaining Seacoast Forts in its original designs
  • Piscataway Park stretches for 6 miles from Piscataway Creek to Marshall Hall on the Potomac River.


  • Maryland State Law Library The primary function of the library is to support the research activities of the States’ two appellate courts and court-related units of the Judiciary.
  • Prince George’s County Memorial Library System The mission is to promote and make available resources that will fill the lifelong learning needs of individuals and groups in Prince George’s County.