Sellers - the 3 Ps of The Home Selling Process

The 3 P's of the Home Selling Process

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The more you know about the home sales process before you start, the better equipped you’re going to be to accomplish your goals.

In this video, will cover the 3 Ps of the Home Sales Process and how they will help you to get the highest price for your house with the least number of inconveniences and in a timeframe that meet your needs.

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In the old days of selling real estate, the 3 Ps of selling houses consisted of placing a sign in the yard, Putting the home in the MLS, and praying that it sells.

The bad news, most agents are still doing business that way. The great news is, well, here is our version of the 3 Ps of selling real estate:

The first P goes for Preparation.

You see, before putting your house on the market for sale, we need to investigate how your home is prepared to compete in the marketplace and prepare it to ultimately be the very next home to sell in your neighborhood.

Preparation is critical not only for achieving a successful sale but also for getting the most money for your house. Remember, you are not going to achieve top dollar, unless you look like top dollar.

So, there are three key factors in preparing your home for sale:

The first is Repairs and the question here is does your home need any repairs? is there any deferred maintenance that we need to address? If so, we’ll need you to take care of that before your home can be put on the market.

The second factor goes for staging and here is a question: have you ever walked into a builder’s brand-new model home and say, wow, I can just move right into this? Well, we need to prepare your home to produce that exact same experience for buyers to help them feel at home and comfortable from the moment they arrive at your driveway, to the second they drive away.

And the third factor is cleanliness. Before any home is publicly available for buyers to view it, we must make sure that the home is sparkling clean and completely ready for its view.

Now, when we meet with you at your home, we will tell you more about how we will help you to prepare your house for selling and we’ll give you a detail assessment of what we recommend for your specific home and your specific situation.

So now let’s talk about the second P of the home selling process, which is Price, and the biggest mistake people make when choosing the price to put their house on the market for sale.

To give you an idea of the biggest mistake in pricing a house for sale, it happens more often when homeowners say, well, can we price it at x y z, which is normally higher than the market value, to see if we can get any offers? We can always go lower later, right?

Well, what we noticed is that most realtors are more concern about getting the listing agreement sign at all costs, or in other words, at any price, than helping you price the house right to begin with.

You see, when you price your house with a strategy like the one, I just described you very likely will drive buyers to your neighbor’s home and essentially help them sell their homes first, because buyers, are always going to prefer homes that are price right and prepared beautifully.

Instead of letting you make a mistake like that, when we get together at your home, we’ll go over a complete, customized, and fully detailed market analysis of your house. It will help determine the value of your home…first as buyers will look at it and second, as an appraiser will look at it. Then, based on what the market tells us, we’ll guide you to set a price that will get buyers excited about choosing your property versus the competition and ultimately, becoming the very next house to sell in the neighborhood.

Finally, after preparing your house for sell and strategically help you choose the best price to list your house, instead of praying like other agents do, we’ll just promote it, and, that is our 3rd P of the home selling process: Promotion.

You see, if you want to sell your house in the time you want or need, and for the amount of money you desire, placing a sign in the yard, Putting the home in the MLS and praying that it sells, is simply not enough.

Here is the deal, nowadays, with more than 90% of buyers finding the house they end up buying online, you must be able to promote it online. Therefore, we couple our exclusive promotional plan with our know-how and the latest technologies such as Facebook ads, Search engine optimization and YouTube videos just to name a few, to market and sell your home. We also used a pre-launch marketing campaign design specifically to expose your home to the market as fast as possible, creating a virtual waiting line to your house so that when it becomes available for sale, it gets the most buyer traffic possible. 

So, there they are, our 3ps of selling a house: preparation, pricing, and promotion.

We look forward to meeting with you, to answer any questions that you may about the process and to discuss your next best step to get your house sold for the highest possible amount, the least number of inconveniences and in a timeframe that meet your needs.

As always, the GarciaSHomeS team is on your side, helping you with your real estate needs. Have a great day!